They McDonald's cashier politely asked my

  • They McDonald's cashier politely asked my dad to pull forward and the food would be brought out. "Hell No, I won't pull forward this is supposed to be FAST food." Shame crept

  • up my face in indigo hues. While my lips turned white my blood shot eyes bulged. Shame distorted my face and clogged my breath. "Dad Just pull forward and let the other cars out"

  • You see it was my first day of school and everyone was waiting for me to get out of the car but my dad...

  • was worried as he peared over his ray-bans. "Are sure you have trapper keeper, lunch money, and butterfly knife?" "Oh dad," I said as I shut the door and skipped to the flag pole.

  • Today was "See You At the Pole" where all of us believers in God met at the flag ple and prayed for the students, the teachers, and our country. I got to hold Sally's hand as we

  • swayed & rocked, waitin' fo' de Jesus to come down off de sky an' gib us his eternal lobe. We is all a prayin' and a singin' fo' da God o' mercy come sabe us like de lawya man say

  • “This is why we published a new version of Huckleberry Finn” said Mr. Gribben. The Harper Valley PTA was applauding enthusiastically until Mrs. Johnson and her miniskirt walked in.

  • Mrs. Johnson was wearing a powder blue pantssuit, but her miniskirt was wearing Mr.Gribben's secretary & this confused Mr. Gribbens to no end. The PTA president eyed the miniskirt

  • with doubts in his mind about the nature of a woman who would wear such a controversial piece of clothing; PTA typically accepted only articles of clothing occupied by one person.

  • True, the four armed, two necked Christmas sweater was only occupied by one person, but was blatantly begging for another occupant. So the PTA voted 18-2 agaisnt admitting her.



  1. SlimWhitman Dec 21 2011 @ 16:33

    Another interpretation of my fold: Both Mrs Johnson & Mr. Gribbens secretary enter the PTA meeting. Mrs. Johnson is wearing a pantsuit and Mr. Gribben's secretary is wearing Mrs. Johnson's miniskirt. How does Mr. Gribbens recognize it? and why is the secretary wearing Mrs. Johnsons miniskirt? Hmm.... Anyway, I like the way it was interpreted and the finish is funny too.

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