follow if u cry everytim x

  • follow if u cry everytim x

  • i cry wen i c bunies in cages eeting letis. letis is horid.

  • the teacher sighed and placed the student's paper down on the table. "Sam... this doesn't count as an essay. It's only one sentence long, and honestly, it made my eyes bleed." Sam

  • didn't care. He was mailing it in. Literally. He'd started a books by mail delivery service, like Netflix, and made $14,876,892.96 last month. Sam looked at his teacher and gave

  • a deep kiss--one for the books that one--then strode out the door with his manuscript in hand. The media had a heyday with the material. John Oliver dedicated his entire 30 min sho

  • w with an obscenity riddled tirade which, with FCC censorship, was rendered nearly unintelligible. He, not John Oliver, abruptly died. The manuscript, the original, with notes scra

  • -tched every which way into the margins, was grabbed by the maid, who sold it on eBay for $3,500. It was , of course, worth much more than that. She could have paid for a house

  • With the real price, but she became a night sparrow, never seen or heard from again. Mr. Plum was furious when he found out, but she was now officially a free bird. She flew to the

  • Jam Palace and waited for the right moment. As a newly free bird, she had all the time in the world. The ambiance of meat-peeps and mesh of sound lulled her into a kind of

  • mindless flight......soaring.......wheee........WHUUMP!!!!....right into a glass door! Broken now, she lay twisted in the gutter, her tiny beak pointed upward. Peep...peep...pee...



  1. Woab Feb 07 2018 @ 13:06

    i cry everytim a bird hits a dor

  2. lucielucie Feb 07 2018 @ 14:54

    troolee sad :(

  3. PurpleProf Feb 07 2018 @ 22:46

    I was in a crap-ass mood when I finished this story. Sorry!

  4. lucielucie Feb 12 2018 @ 17:24

    Please don't apologise PP. ART cannot lie :)

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