It's 11:59 at night, so tired. Myt fold si

  • It's 11:59 at night, so tired. Myt fold si finishgd, just need ton preesc thd "Fold an de oaiss" button- ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  • I woke with a start.My fold text was projected in giant letters on my window shade & a countdown clock menacingly ticked towards zero.Panicked, I threw my pillow at the Fold & Pass

  • button just before the timer ran to zero. I looked at my post, but it made no sense and didn't carry the folded story which was going well in the previous lines. Had I blown it?

  • Let's find out. We will start by putting your fold up on this examination table where the finest folding engineers willing to work for us will get at the truth. Remember they work

  • tirelessly on millions of folds every year, crafting them to perfection. With minds like that, your fold is in safe hands. Ah! The engineers have found an anomaly with your fold!

  • They shall take your fold and replace it with a brand new and improved version.The issue will be fixed shortly!

  • A classical rendition of Enter Sandman began to play as I waited on the customer service line. My fold was calibrating, lights flashing with activity. My Yo Mama joke was upgraded

  • to a ~Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?~ joke and it seemed the Fold-o-matic machine was preparing to spit out another high scoring fold. But, and there's always a 'but',

  • the Fold-o-matic 3000xri's butt joke attachment's specialised double entendre widgit sheared off through repetitive strain & shredded the already limited coherence of the autofold

  • Until Dr. Gjdfjndsky had reached the logical conclusion. Folding stories was recommended for all his schizophrenic/ bipolar patients, in addition to using a Fold-o-matic at night.



  1. Woab Jan 07 2017 @ 11:04

    O no! More existential-type angst!

  2. 49erFaithful Jan 07 2017 @ 14:49

    LucieLucie, are you saying there's an excess of butt jokes on FS?! Lol.

  3. lucielucie Jan 08 2017 @ 06:20

    Are you kidding 49er? Not sure what we'd write without butt jokes.

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