Today, C'thulhu woke up and got himself coffee.

  • Today, C'thulhu woke up and got himself coffee. He checked the news headlines, only to discover that Donald Trump was now president. Of course, C'thulhu reacted with

  • a guttural "Nug Sg'ath Troompah!"Trump was the Old one who'd "teach them new ways to shout & kill & revel & enjoy themselves so all of earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy

  • . I ranted on in this manner until Mom saw fit to remind me Trump hadn't even assumed Office yet. But I wanted so desperately to believe he was evil, I went to Washington & begged

  • for him to denounce the hate crimes that had taken place since he had taken office. "Look," drawled the president elect, groping an aide, "nobody respects women more than I do."

  • This was in 1996, in case you didn't know. Then it was a big deal because Big Bill was supposed to be the The Big Stick from Little Rock. Shark Lady was annointed to help with

  • the executions of the non-believers, but her inability to walk on land kept her from executing anyone but the disgruntled frogmen and spiny mermaids. So heretics ruled the land and

  • she ruled the sea. Until she met the sea witch who offered her legs. She was tempted but refused & instead stole the sea witches powers & grew nubby legs & set to executing evil by

  • sawing evil's head off with a rusty spoon for crimes against humanity. Outside there was a line of countless other species waiting to make their claims on what evil had wrought on

  • Their kind. Evils grin had a bubbling quality to it. So many species in the same place, at the same time. Not being bound by th laws of physics, evil rematerialised above the crowd

  • and found its way into the crowds soul. Everyone, bound by evil, destroyed their planet, ironically not changing much. They destroyed their home and polluted the air around them.



  1. Woab Oct 09 2019 @ 17:35

    Harrowing from start to finish! Nice job!

  2. ToastMech Oct 11 2019 @ 06:27

    I kinda want to see Shark Lady in more stories! She's a great antagonist and would love to see some more content about her

  3. LordVacuity Oct 11 2019 @ 14:34

    There are lots of Shark Lady stories. She’s not in the news too much these dates.

  4. ToastMech Oct 11 2019 @ 18:55

    oh! ill try and find some them!

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