"Why can't I rip the tag off of the mattress??!!!"

  • "Why can't I rip the tag off of the mattress??!!!" Stacy knew why, but she did not let on. She wanted Terri to

  • find out the terrible secret herself because Stacy had just studied heuristics. Terri grabbed the mattress tag and yanked. The tag was still there, blood trickled down her arm

  • despite a momentary lapse in syntax. Terri looked over her own arm, her mouth agape in awe at the glaring bullet wound smoking from just beneath her shoulder. The mattress tag fell

  • into the glistening pool of mercury below. The vapors smelled like that time Terri got with that dirty girl... Shit man think straight for the love of skillfully organized

  • long-life milk. The pool of mercury was supporting the famous Michelson-Morley experiment, so Terri stole their interferometre with a smirk and went back to the dirty girl.

  • "What is it that you want, I wonder," she sighed, and eyed the newly acquired interferometer. "I want you to assist me in my experiments," said Terri. "I have an aether theory..."

  • "You mean dark matter theory" he replied. "Aether, dark matter, they're the same thing, They just renamed it so it sounds less archaic" he continued, despair in his voice. Terri

  • yaki chicken stains on his shirt, and rings under his eyes, Hawking really got me with his synthetically despairing voice. I tried cheering him. "You've been sniffing ether again?

  • His watery eyes looked at me sadly. It's those damned AI again. I told the scientists at JPL not to do it, but they just wouldn't listen. Now look where we are.

  • Humanity's social fabric has been automated away. We are slaves to The Machine, which slowly erases our last memories of each others' faces while we stare at FUNNY KITTEN PICTURES!



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