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  • at Everything was an award handed out only once. To achieve this goal required years of education and physical training. And then it was taken away

  • without warning and for the most spurious of reasons, leaving a legacy of bitterness and hate to echo down the generations. But wasn't that the whole point of it? Only masochists w

  • ith real verve are the most spurious. In a February video, the masochists of La Guardia, gathered to dismantle this legacy.

  • But first the masochists of La Guardia had to go find some sadists, so in their March video they sat in their chains and rattled them hoping for someone to take the bait.

  • Merin Tarbolom debarked at gate 15D and was of a mind to ignore the chained protesters, but in a fit of pique he said, "Houdini had sense to keep lockpicks in his nethers," before

  • he could take another step, a woman rushed Merin Tarbolom with a paper mache mallet and beat him over the head with it I grabbed him of course at his wrist and twisted it until h

  • e dropped the glazed doughnut. I thanked the woman for detaining the thief until I had gotten there. The police came and carted Merin Tarbolom off to Starbucks and bought him a

  • Clue. He didn't get it. So they bought him another one. He didn't get that one either. The rookie mimed that he was out of chits for Clues. Sarge had lots of chits because he never

  • had a clue either, but he didn't mind. He was in charge, so he could make bad decisions without having a clue as long as he yelled loudly, everyone would follow. That's leadership!



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