Boris followed the haughty woman as she exited

  • Boris followed the haughty woman as she exited the stage. This would be one time when she would not

  • slip quietly back to her dressing room between sets. Two turns of the corridor and she was there, breezing through the door and letting it close behind her. Boris placed his ear

  • on the back of mouse as was required by the experiment. The scene was so damned creepy that Boris' wife, sister, aunt and

  • grandma vacated their front row seats & left the theater. Karloff's mouse stunt was a stepping stone to grizzlier roles. Few know that a factory accident resulted in a bolt lodging

  • right into the pituitary gland which had gone unnoticed because MRI had yet to be invented. So Karloff's erratic behaviour was shrugged off by everybody as 'one of his quirks'. It

  • was unfortunate for Boris that his glandular condition had not progressed at the time of his demise; a hyper-critical pituitary allows one to transcend time and being so that

  • they can escape to a whimsical dream-world of enchantment. Instead, Boris got the usual death deal of his miserable, painful life flashing before his eyes. He re-lived every humili

  • ating experience of his life, from the time his pants fell down during the school musical to the day he lit his wife's hair on fire at the wedding. He blushed and looked at Nancy.

  • ..who, much to his surprise, jumped up on the coffee table, tore off her blouse & sang "I Gotta Be Me" at the top of her naked lungs. Nancy! A woman after his own heart! His heart

  • then failed him. As he went into cardiac arrest he floated up out of his body & into the clouds; the bare chest of the former first lady being the last sight of his very full life.



  1. Zetawilk Feb 28 2014 @ 15:25

    Wow, this one was so coherent. Boris Karloff's unrequited love for Nancy Reagan haunted him until his death.

  2. 49erFaithful Feb 28 2014 @ 15:30

    Wow, started by RhettOracle, a folder from way back! Little known facts about Mr. Karloff.

  3. 49erFaithful Feb 28 2014 @ 15:33

    Wow, didn't see GB's post when I wrote mine, but apparently this is a Wow-mandated thread.

  4. SlimWhitman Feb 28 2014 @ 18:40

    Wow, the hypercritical pituitary enabled an out of body experience at the end.

  5. Zetawilk Feb 28 2014 @ 19:51

    Wow, death visions will do that to you.

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