The menu was, at first glance, a selection

  • The menu was, at first glance, a selection of vapid, run of the mill Thai dishes that could be found at any Thai place. He handed it to the waiter and asked for the real menu.

  • They waiter looked at the Hostess. She was a 16-year old Thai girl but she nodded coolly (like Boba Fett). The Waiter put a glove on, reached into his vest for the real menu which

  • was scrawled upon a cocktail napkin in hurried ink. It read

  • 'Pick up dry cleaning Tuesday.' Obviously a message in code. What could it mean?

  • Who were the mysterious men in hats, with their seeming endless supply of post-it notes, who were taking over his life? "Thursday -- call library." Why did

  • they know that I wanted to extend my loan of "How to become more organized & take control of your life"? The next post it note was pasted on the windshield of my car and read "

  • "Duck!" While I was looking around for a duck, a baseball slammed into my head. From where I now lay on the pavement I saw another post it note that read,

  • "1. Jar of Mayonnaise, 2. Tin of Skoal Mint, 3. Loaf of WonderBread, 4. Pair of white ankle socks, 5. Trampoline, 6.

  • Xylophone." His odd version of the Six Days of Purim a la Twelve Days of Christmas simply bombed. Ever since that night,

  • he broke out in hives at the sound of a xylophone, so he avoided marching bands with a passion - and stocked up on calamine lotion and various ointments and salves - just in case.



  1. noah Apr 17 2011 @ 17:14

    This is an underappreciated story all around, great single lines and a good flow from start to finish. Nice work.

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