I found out that if I just added random jargon

  • I found out that if I just added random jargon and cutting profanity, it didn't matter what anyone thought, I would rise to the top. "Quantity, over quality" I always say.

  • That's why whenever I go to the supermarket, I like to buy two metric tons of cottage cheese. I find that filling my toys with it helps them rise to the top. I only accept winners.

  • Into my "area."

  • The other inmates in the shower gasped. It was Pelican Bay doctrine that no one could encroach upon Shawn the SHIVer's "area" of the shower. I felt entitled to that area, but Shawn

  • didn't seem to agree with me. He huffed, he puffed, he turned green, he started to jump around and.... croaked! So Fairy Godmother's protective curse did work! Anyone wanting to

  • kill my boss should totally be there to see it! My boss finally got what he deserved. Being an ugly frog. A man frog.

  • Amphibolycanthropes spawned from a "storage pond" behind the plant which my boss devised to avoid the expensive waste treatment. When he became a man frog I wondered what his legs

  • would be. Would his legs be transformed into garlicky delights or rubbery banquet stuff. Would man frog's new flippers propel him great heights in water polo? Could he be an olympi

  • "No you can't, amphibious asshole," I cut him off. I'll be damned if a mutant like him becomes a respectable athlete. But stomping him wouldn't be easy. I needed a REALLY big boot,

  • but the RSPCA and the international anti-bigotry committee heard my off-the-cuff remark. Zorkan the amphibian was upset by my rude remark , & it cost us the gold in Space Olympics.



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