He formed his pencils into a square on his

  • He formed his pencils into a square on his desk, then extended three from the corners & used two more to form a cube. The final answer was blank. "Make a cube with pencil." Eat me.

  • He swept the pencils aside with his arm, and leaned back in his chair, sipping on a shot glass filled with whiskey. The answer must lie in the way that the fold wass shown to

  • the next author. If all they had to go on was the single previous fold, that'd explain why there were so many zany zingers, and general lack of plot or flow. Perhaps a rulebook,

  • thought the anarchist, and then shook the bourgeois notion out of his radical brain. He leaned over to his girlfriend, who was at that moment performing a nude-in at

  • at the historical home of Albert Einstein. She was totally against relativity on any level. She'd brought an electronic label maker, and there in the nude, she

  • made a start at barcoding all the items in the universe starting with her clothes. Unfortunately a security guard entered just as she was barcoding her

  • bra. Their eyes met for a moment before she spun round and he turned away. This was a surprise, "he's cute" she thought. "I'm barcoding the universe" she said. He replied "can I

  • barcode your heart?" She swooned at this and her eyes went all glassy. She was in love. Then he said, "No really, can I make an incision here and print this barcode on your flesh?"

  • Realizing how weird that sounded, he wondered, is it normal to have a can of Food 4 Less sliced green beans for a girlfriend? Also, why won't she put out?

  • She only gave me a canned response. I decided to see a sweet 'french-cut' Valu-Pak on the side. If she found out, she would be green with envy. Truly, veggie-love knows no bounds.



  1. SlimWhitman Sep 05 2011 @ 17:04

    very nice to have a ringer like this once in a while. Great job everyone!

  2. 49erFaithful Sep 05 2011 @ 18:02

    True dat! Many stories within the story but they all come together like a nice pasta primavera.

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