Takeshi Migamoto ran and ran, until he could

  • Takeshi Migamoto ran and ran, until he could not run anymore. He collapsed in front of a karaoke bar. Had he lost them? He heard the Yakuza thugs shouting far behind. He entered

  • the karaoke bar and found Akira wanting him to join in a duet. The crowd seemed friendly enough but when Takeshi and Akira walked onto the stage

  • my memory of college collapsed into a singularity, as if every molecule of THC had gathered to a point resulting in a creative density which would make the DEA throw every last

  • ...oh who am I kidding. I wasn't that high. In fact, I faked being high. Weed made me paranoid so I pretended to inhaled but really I was just dry puffing. But I'm a gangsta rapper

  • . I wear my pants so you can the north ridge of the grand canyon . You know what i'm sayin'? Just tell it like it is, where the cards are layin'. I'm a fake gangsta. When I get hom

  • Esick, I order pepperoni pizza." "Cut the crap!", Joe Strummer said as he ate a steak burrito. The imposter reminded Joe he never finisbed his book. It was best left at 666 pages.

  • Joe Strummer pointed out that if 666 pages were what was wanted then yes his book was done whether it was completed or not. “Here, have some Free Cheesebread.” The London phone was

  • ringing off the hook. It was Joe's agent. "They love the book, old man," said Percy, "but have only if you cut out chapters one through thirty. Possible?" Joe stared at the phone

  • realization finally dawning on him. Joe didn't bother answering. He just hung up & fixed himself a stiff drink. "Why am I even here?" he pondered. Miraculously, at that moment,

  • an epiphany exploded in his mind."You know what? I'm not dead yet." Joe gulped back a hard swallow, finishing his drink. "Does it really matter? Life goes on and waits for no one."



  1. Woab Jun 02 2018 @ 11:00

    Nice finale, Kitchenboy.

  2. SlimWhitman Jun 02 2018 @ 16:15

    I agree. good finish. I think left out "see", "so you can >see< the North Ridge...""

  3. BlastedHeath Jun 03 2018 @ 19:10

    No, "see" is there. Maybe it's just falling on your bling spot.

  4. SlimWhitman Jun 04 2018 @ 16:23

    t's definitely m' bling spot, 'm a few 's short of a full deck.????

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