"I'm not scared of being alone," she said,

  • "I'm not scared of being alone," she said, but I know her better than that.

  • I knew her greatest fear was her own company. That's when everything unravelled and memories came flooding back.

  • The cognitive behavioural therapy provided her with strategies to conquer her fear of her own company. She was soon able to feel comfortable enough to travel solo around Saudi Arab

  • ian tourists in the buff, and actually began to enjoy their incredulous stares. Restrooms were the worst: the overwhelming feeling of being shut in with herself gave her hives.

  • These hives were enormous structures. They dripped with honey, they looked like they were melting, sticky. Full of bees. She could call on the bees to exact revenge on anyone

  • she took against. Melissa was a stickler for table manners. Use the wrong spoon for soup? The dead hum and dark cloud announced that the soup-eater would soon be covered in bees

  • .Naturally Melissa chose the wrong spoon, began eating the soup & of course the bees descended on her, covering her from head to toe.The other soup eaters stared at her, fascinated

  • by how her melodic voice sounded when she screamed and called for help. Almost as if she was singing. Melissa's body gave in to the bee poison quickly. The singing stopped. She was

  • slipping into anaphalactic shock, but not before Melissa eeked out one last piercing note: a BEE-flat. It was as if time stood still. The buzz of the bees faded into nothingness

  • and all that remained were their boxes of Cheerios. I lamented the lack of fruit to slice into my cereal as the one fatal flaw of the morning, and suffered for milk and OJ instead.



  1. lucielucie Mar 15 2013 @ 06:48

    'Covered in bees' is my favorite Eddie Izzard sketch.

  2. johnDonson Mar 15 2013 @ 08:31

    Eddie Izzard is the man. I'll have to vote for 'Cake or Death' though ;)

  3. PurpleProf Mar 15 2013 @ 09:47

    Good fold, TuLips...and welcome to FoldingStory!

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