He wouldn't hurt anybody. He couldn't even

  • He wouldn't hurt anybody. He couldn't even kill a fly. Which made his job as a Hit Man tricky.
  • He took down payments for the hits though & with 20 unfulfilled jobs he had a lot of angry customers after him. It was his mean looks that made people hire him, but as pacifist hit
  • lers invaded middle management, he knew his days were short. He filled orders at breakneck pace while pretending to heed the furor of directives from the back office. Break time.
  • This was for all the cookies in the mint jar (I know it's very odd that they would put cookies in a mint jar) it was... the final countdown per say...
  • In years to come the cookie's peace marches against mint evil triumphed. Martin Cookie Jr. A chocolate chip cookie shaved of his chocolate started a speech, "I had a chip..."
  • "That four score and seven years ago..." The crowd of cookies blinked as Martin Cookie Jr. fumbled through his note cards. "Oh my mint," he cursed, eliciting a shocked gasp.
  • For this, Martin Cookie Jr. was banished from the Girl Scout Cookie Selection. It made him a very bitter cookie, indeed. Rolling down an alleyway one day, he chanced upon a small
  • elf who said he lived in a nearby tree. The elf asked him if he'd like to visit. After a short walk, they arrived. The smell of baked goods was heavy as they approached. This would
  • have been the first time he ever smelled bread inside a pine tree if not for his Irish grandmother who had put bread in his face and stuffed him into a pine tree to prepare him for
  • being a fauvist who leaned strongly into bright colors. Not that she knew that is what she was doing when she did it. But that is where his bread sniffing in a pine tree got him.


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