Hey, didn't I read somewhere in the FoldingStory

  • Hey, didn't I read somewhere in the FoldingStory Rules that the first person to reach 10,000 points wins 10,000 dollars?
  • Yes, I read that too. Curiously, the last Folder to approach 10,000 points, one H.W.Longfellow, disappeared shortly after tallying 9,900 points. Thus the 10,000 point prize remains
  • to be claimed by MoralEnd from England's greatest 2-armed poet at a glittering ceremony masterminded by a committee of chipmunks. The 10k point prize is a rare ruby donated by Noah
  • , one of the Founders. It's a rube's ruby though. Writing a myriafold is not a way to riches. Squirreling away ten thousand nutty folds was MoralEnd's answer to Lao Tzu's question:
  • okay, who cut the cheese? it was a question that kieferskunk dared not answer, at least not verbally. There were some things that were unfoldable.
  • kieferskunk was a principled folder and didn't write things-that-were-unfoldable. He didn't reveal who cut the cheese, but instead, graciously steered fold in another direction by
  • serving some green bananas to Chaz, thinking that this would be seen as a kind gesture of diplomacy. Instead, Chaz brought upon Kiefer such a penalty that only a seasoned veteran
  • would skunk out of that one. "Slim wit, man!" Chaz responded to Kiefer appeasement. "Buddy boy, in a battle of words, name dropping is the moral end!" Kiefer knew this meant
  • that it would be a very hot summer in Alaska. Have you ever seen a sweaty polar bear? It's not a pretty sight...it's sort of like watching a 400 pound woman in a bikini at the
  • beach bloated up like a damn humpback whale, except they have fur and stink. "That's it", I decided when the thermometer rose past the 95 degree mark, "I'm going back to Idaho."


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