Hades split the pomegranate open and took

  • Hades split the pomegranate open and took a handful of flesh. He stroked Persephone's hair and parted her lips. He fed her 4 pomegranate seeds. He licked the juice from her lovely
  • loveliness. But Persephone spit the seeds back into Hades's mouth. Hades pushed her down, put his knees on her chest and forced her mouth open. He dropped one of the seeds into
  • The yawning gap between Hole A and Hole B. It measured 25cm. Yes, the earth can yawn, it leaves gulches behind. Persephone and Hades collaborated on a Greek tragedy, untitled until
  • they stumbled upon hidden alimony deep in the entrails of the Earth. Hades, being also Dis, dismissed it as a paltry sum. Persephone, being in a contrarian mood, insisted & the nam
  • flashbacks kept her awake, further exacerbating her ire. Hermes had caught harpies AGAIN, which nobody wanted to see no matter how much he insisted. "Show me your swan again," Hera
  • asked, hoping to distract Hermes from his harpies. She turned away from him when he refused, but could hear their wings and bosoms flapping wildly around the temple. Her headache
  • medicine was about to run out, so she directed one of the harpies to go pick up a refill at the pharmacy. That turned out to be a big mistake, because the harpy ended up spending
  • all the coin on eyeliner and feather conditioner. When the harpy returned empty winged, I knew we were doomed. My despair, however, was premature. When all seemed lost, the harpy
  • fluffed his wings and tilted his freshly eyelined scowl in my direction. It was oddly arousing. But I wasn’t prepared for what followed: a song and dance number obviously learnt
  • while under the influence of vodka and DulcoLax—with a prune juice chaser. Oh, the trotting-around artistry! The urgency! The New York Times called it “The Shit Show of the Year!"


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