SlimWhitman walked into Chaz's Stoop looking

  • SlimWhitman walked into Chaz's Stoop looking for trouble. Fingers tickled the ivories, Green-B was behind the bar & Mr.End was fleecing a couple marks. This place reeked trouble.
  • Trouble slipped quietly out the back for reinforcements. He knew a careless word & the assembled FoldingStory mafia would erupt in a frenzy of innuendo & questionable associations
  • wrapped in a pallor of lackluster knowledge on obscure references & a penchant for low culture and endangering alcoholism with a sprig of sexual obfuscation. Trouble found an alley
  • It came in human form. She was tall, long brown hair that shined when light hit it. Her eyes were a pale blue. She could stop any man dead in his tracks with just a look.
  • But what would such a vile act do to that soul?She could not risk loosing her soul or
  • else she would have to fess up to all her Facebook friends about why she'd committed such a horrendous act. While she was sure everyone would "like" it, she just couldn't
  • bring herself to tag Beth in the group photo. It could be seen as an act of reconciliation, but what if Beth still wanted distance? With a trembling finger she
  • hovered over the "cancel" button before finally slamming her laptop shut. Maybe a walk would clear her mind. She put the pet harness and leash onto her cat and walked
  • right into the sliding glass door, while her cat sat watching, licking her paw in amusement. Maybe she should have bought the Groupon for the eye exam anyway. Next thing you know
  • she was trolling online 2 buy all the Groupons she could find! Babysitting services? check! 1/2 off Mushroom/Pineapple Pizza? check! LaserHairRemoval?check! Permanent Makeup? YNot!


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