He awoke with a start; camp was being shelled

  • He awoke with a start; camp was being shelled again. Each mortar blast built up pressure in his head, pounding in another nail, building toward that next migraine. The pain wasn't
  • What was really killing him though. It was the fact friendly fire had just killed his best friend, and the fact he was the trigger man. All for the love of a woman that he could
  • never tell his mother about. If he did,
  • she'd probably drop dead of a heart attack on the spot. He couldn't stand the thought of upsetting her. All he had ever wanted to do was make her
  • feel better, so much better than what she feels as of the moment she knew i was cheating on her. But words won't come out of my mouth and
  • I try to kiss her instead but she turns her face away,so I know she is not going to forgive me that easily for my crime.I wish I could turn back time and
  • start over. Return to our youth when life was simple and full of possibility. But I couldn't. If only I could make her understand that I wanted nothing more than to
  • run naked through the field with her and that deranged dog of her. Sadly, I was 123 years old, the time when we must give up our allotted slot in the machine and
  • donate what remains of our essence and life energy to the young in the form of delicious green foodstuffs. I like to think I'll be sweet, with a salty chocolatey note, but probably
  • would be a brussel sprout. Sammy would be an apple tree and Bertha would be blue green alge. It all seemed to fit now. Everything had a place in the great recycling circle of life!


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