I laughed. I didn’t want to. I don’t

  • I laughed. I didn’t want to. I don’t laugh at people because it encourages them to interact. But I couldn’t help it. At first it came out as an aborted “ha-ha-h-“ I tried to
  • signal my lead Beef Eater to behead this fool. I'm Queen Elizabeth beyotch. You don't come at me. You don't know me. This is Buckingham Palace, this is my house, oh no
  • I took out that skank Princess Di and I can take out you, too. Get yo bitch ass off my palace lawn, punk.
  • Some people --scratch that, MOST people-- would be aghast to lean that the Royal Family speaks the tongue of Thug quite fluently. To them, I say, "Call me Debra."
  • Ms. Messing had been a regular in the house of Windsor, ever since Prince Edward told her that he was a big fan of Will & Grace. Prince Edward favorite prince was Prince Albert
  • In a can. He used to laugh when he prank called the tobacconists. The Queen was not amused. She knew from experience how Prince Alberts, as these jokes are known, could be painful.
  • Ahh Albert! Albert was so beautiful. Heavenly in fact, and beautiful with his gently pierced soft and supple, inverted heart. You could imagine my surprise when
  • he just fell over dead. On second thought, I shouldn't be surprised. Albert had been living on borrowed time since the last infusion of gathered souls. Now it came to me to do
  • the thing that could be named - in a cheap pulp fiction book - "the last resort". It involved hot-wiring the circle into the living capacitor and giving him a merry jolt. It also
  • involved an operation that required delicate skill. He stared down at his fat fingers, said a little prayer, and got to work.


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