Her ninetieth birthday smoked every other

  • Her ninetieth birthday smoked every other for the last 72 years. Sure, her family was there, but so was a 20 year old Swiss. He'd said he'd come for her, and 72 years later, he had
  • as he disrobed, she watched in amazement and wondered how a man, after all these years,
  • could still find Underoos in the shops. Reading her thoughts, he said, "Sears, of course. They stock them behind the Goolagong Collection." oh how she longed from Yvonne' s gauchos
  • or any kind of pant wear that sucks the sexuality out of any situation. She hated sex and she was a porn actress. This quality made her excel at her craft but all her boyfriends
  • suffered as a result. Afterall how easy could it be to have a girlfriend who is a porn actress that hates sex? Her last boyfriend quickly left after he found out that
  • she had 4 ducks when she had told him she had only 3. He didn't like to be lied to. That ex-boyfriend had been very patient with his porn actress-girlfriend, but he had figured she
  • had a little extra going on on the side. It was a price he could have paid, once or twice, to be with a girl of her beauty, but 4, possibly even 5, was more than he could
  • bring himself to pay for her. She was a beaut but beauty was only skin deep and someone had skinned her and made Humarones versus Chicharones not as fattening and low in Salt but
  • hairier in certain areas. After I'd consumed most of the torso section I crinkled the rest into a small garbage bag. Some of the larger pieces had to be broken up and when I looked
  • at them they started to glisten, as if producing light of their own. Boy, that was some great moonshine, I thought as the hallucinations grew stronger. I love my job.


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