Under the guise of helping me to clean up

  • Under the guise of helping me to clean up the stables Beecher managed to gather himself a third breakfast. One that he offered to share with me for a story. I felt he was asking on
  • Borrowed time because I was clearly angered that he was sharing my bounty with me. My bounty with me. The apple he proffered was mine. The cheeses, the sausage, the wines, mine min
  • E mine. I slapped the apple away and grabbed him by the collar yelling "nien nien nien". For some reason I thought he was German. I threw him into a canal I must not have noticed
  • that the canal was empty and the man who I thought was German (but was probably actually Russian) fell and hit his head on the concrete and started screaming out in Chinese 屁眼
  • so I started screaming back in French at the obstensibly German who was probably Russian (but sreaming in Chinese) you cannot put my sailboat into an empty canal! This is insanity!
  • "No", shouted the Spartan, "this is Sparta!" And kicked him into the next folding story where he was a wing walker on a yellow biplane flying over an air show in rural 1929 Ohio.
  • Two-bit Tommy had never seen such a thrilling display of aerial brilliance. The yellow biplane flipped suddenly upside down, as the man on the wing finished the last of 30 pushups.
  • The man under the upside down Sopwith Camel sighed in relief- Cuckoo Glue DID work! His palms held fast to the wing. Things were looking good... until Snoopy spotted the Red Baron.
  • Forgetting that I was glued to the wing, Snoopy opened fire on the Red Baron. Bullets whizzed past me as I tried to scream into the intense wind. The Red baron looked like a pizza
  • ! The bullet holes were pepperoni! Suddenly I was hungry. Snoopy & I hopped off the roof of his doghouse, went inside, & ordered Dominoes. Good grief, what a day!


  1. Wurm Mar 28 2017 @ 21:02

    Chaotic brilliance...Commedia dell'arte !

  2. IceSquad Apr 10 2017 @ 03:11

    Nice maneuvering there, Woab.

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