"Waaaait! Stop! It's the balloon child!"

  • "Waaaait! Stop! It's the balloon child!" the mayor shouted. The crowd gasped and looked where he pointed. The balloon child
  • was just floating over Jebneezer's barn where the clay pijun shootin' contest was being held, but the supercentarian club didn't hear the mayor. The balloon child caught an updraft
  • and drifted over wheat farms before landing in a paddock. The balloon child was discovered by a farmer who took the balloon child to his daughter to
  • teach. She needed a protege. The farmer's daughter bred and trained Sandworms. She had no children and needed someone to carry on her work. The child had a natural ability for
  • Magically making bee colonies. "We should live like the honey bees", she said. Lady Macbeth had not thought about that! Sandworms couldn 't remove the damned spot, she realised.
  • They actually made it worse. Her skin was turning yellow, and the place where she landed was covered in sand. The door to her house had vanished.
  • However, she, being the eternal optimist, re-evaluated the situation. "This is the new start I've needed," she reasoned. "I can turn this around." She built a sandcastle & gathered
  • her plastic buckets and stood up to admire her sandy creation. Passerby pointed and clapped. Unbeknownst to her at the time, sand clung to the backs of her legs and behind
  • her arose a tsunami that no-one on the beach had noticed. As it rose out in the distant sea mist, she blithely continued her castle,
  • doing what she knew, what she thought was right, ignoring the call of end all around. Her smile never waned, even as the shadow stretched over her. No matter, she needed more sand.


  1. PariahLycan Jul 08 2016 @ 16:07

    This is my favorite out of all I have been a part of. Well done, everyone! A Lovely story!

  2. SlimWhitman Jul 09 2016 @ 17:59

    Yes, I like it too! Quite a lyrical fairytale.

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