Crap! Once again her treacherous fat fingers

  • Crap! Once again her treacherous fat fingers had unleashed a blank fold that screeched Nana na nah nana!!! at her, daring her to not tremble and wet her pants. With a
  • With a screech of the door slamming shut she closed her eyes not ready for the nanannana to continue. She hides from her little brother, fearing of the torment he can cause. Lookin
  • for trouble, lookin' for a fight. He tours the streets on a midsummer night. Gun in his pocket, smokin' a cigar, he stalks her. His big sister would pay for her incessant singing.
  • For his voice was in high demand, a mix of Pavarotti and the island boys. One professional dj described him as
  • a rock star Orpheus. But really his style defied description. He could produce notes that professors of phonetics have never even heard of. However, it all came at a price.
  • It sounds alluring, but Scarlet already noticed me to not join the same exchange. We don't know what kind of price he pays, or does Scarlet know? She for sure knew something.
  • Scarlet bit her lower lip in consternation. I read that as worry. Should I call her bluff and take the deal? "I don't know what Col. Mustard is going on about," Scarlet
  • said, "but if you can't trust me, maybe you can trust ...these." She pulled two guns and pointed them at me and the Colonel. "There's only supposed to be one revolver, Scarlet! Why
  • did curiosity ki" -ZAP! And just like that, a colonel and his question were replaced by a smoking crater. Now drunk with power, she set her papa gamma rifle to AUTO-ROTATE and
  • turned the audio over to the Rocking Beethoven AI. She sat back in the captain's chair and watched the mayhem ensue to Ode de Joy by the metal band Lend Lease & Die.


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