The two megabankers circled each other on

  • The two megabankers circled each other on the roof of Shanghai Tower. "Crumley, isn't it strange that eleven of us have had 'accidental' deaths in the past month?" Moore inquired
  • , fashioning a shiv from a 100 yuan note. "Mmm, yes," Crumley replied. "I do believe I took out 12 hits. It seems my assassin wasn't up to your snuff, the poor clod." Moore charged
  • and fell, Dudley was a very clumsy lad, he had a club foot. Dudley Moore was a funny lad though, he really hit the high mark with a film called, "Arthur." Crumley had seen it.
  • Dudley didn't speak about the film much though cause he never wanted people to think of him as a artist, he wanted to maintain his personality as a lawyer but Crumley wasn't sure
  • the world should be deprived of Dudley's film "Dudley McDoogeypants, the Sleuthing Lawyer & his partner in crime Snooperscales the one eyed snake." so Crumley anonymously published
  • his story and waited in anticipation for the reception. Would anyone like it? What light would it put them in? Hopefully the right people read it...no plebeians or other idiots.
  • But alas, the only idiotic plebeian in my town was the first one to read it. He shared it with his idiotic friends and soon my book was getting idiotic comments on Amazon, like
  • That one left by this guy named Jack. He claimed to read 50 words a minute and then regurgitate them backwards. This was June 2017! I wonder how long it took Jack to pull this off.
  • ..I thought, distractedly. Jack. He was something, alright. An idiot savant with dyslexia & a penchant for party tricks. And yet, as I watched all the women flock around Jack, I
  • knew that somewhere there was a woman for me like a deep sea fish that I could latch onto like a parasite. She would slowly absorb me, leaving just my gonads to fertilize her eggs.


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