Dear Princess Celestia, do you care for checkers

  • Dear Princess Celestia, do you care for checkers by mail? I am uncertain of the notation, but shall attempt an opening move. I call red. B3 to A4. Your faithful student,
  • 'Girly Geekman'. The princess read the letter signed by Girly Geekman and shuddered. How uncomforting it was to get such a weird letter from a stranger! She galloped to the ha
  • rdware store to confront Geekman, the regional manager, w / the letter. "What kind of drivel is this to send a princess? I'll have you know, unless you bring me the finest hammer,
  • your very, very, very, very best, best, best, best, best one, you'll never, ever, ever see daylight ever, ever again. Do you understand me? Do you? Well, do you? Geekman handed him
  • a spice rack. He thought it was an odd gift given the circumstances but Geekman was an impulsive shopper and perhaps this was just his way of saying thanks. The last flash of dayli
  • ght savings would be upon us soon!" shouted the cashier, and she was smirking. No wait grimacing. She was shifting from foot to foot. Her thumb was beet red. Geekman knew instantly
  • that this was the mating dance bumblebees did when they wanted to attract another bumblebee. Geekman strode humbly towards the cashier, keeping his cool. Being human didn't affect
  • the interpretation. Geekman trained his dioptre ladden spectacles on the dancing bee women. He watched them waggling & trembling in their stripy tights. "It means" he announced, "
  • That you are a true geek".
  • Batman nearly acknowledged that. The geeks do have their inter-geek banter to sustain them, he thought, but I have true evil to combat.


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