Everything that living things do can be understood

  • Everything that living things do can be understood in terms of the jiggling and wiggling of atoms. Christian focused the stage of his microscope. What were the animacules doing?
  • The animalcules were partying, jiggling & wiggling with wild abandon. They stopped abruptly and stared up the microscope at Christian with hatred for him and his scientific method.
  • The animalcules formed the words, "Eat shit and die." Christian looked up from the microscope. He rubbed his eye, and put it back down, this time he saw, "You're Mama!"
  • Looking up from the microscope again he vowed "I will NOT sniff glue again". He needed to stop screwing around and start doing the work his grant was paying for.The animawhatits
  • weren't going to research themselves. As he lookined back into his microscope, he notice on of the animalwhatits had grown a new arm. Finally the stem cells of the fetus
  • man/slug chimera were developing. Excited, he made wrote down notes to consider, then he'd look in the microscope again. There! The animalwhatits had grown another new arm! Moreau
  • was delighted! A tentacle, then two, then three, to add to the new arm - all clearly visible under the microscope! The man/slug chimera development was speeding up! Moreau noted
  • the extra appendages enthusiastically in his notebook before peering again through the lens. The man-slug had grown twice it's previous size and now had a mustache. Moreau slid the
  • notebook into his breast pocket and admired his mustachioed man-slug. "WRRAAAHHGRYGHDKFL" said the man-slug. Look at him go! Moreau pointed the man-slug out whilst dogging, a
  • luxuriant ramble through the country on hounds. The man-slug tipped his hat in greeting. Moreau was miles away when the gesture was done; the man-slug turned to admire the sunset.


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