Stan's father worked in the landfill, just

  • Stan's father worked in the landfill, just like his grandfather had. Stan wasn't so sure it was for him. It didn't help that everyone called him Stinky.
  • Aside from people calling him Stinky, living and working in a land fill wasn't so bad. Undesirables didn't move in next door. No one did! Anything you fond could be claimed "Mine"
  • and, if you didn't want to claim something, you could freely hurl it at your co-workers. It was all fun and games working in the land fill! Stinky soon amassed a collection of old
  • idiots picked up from the local bowling alley. They smelled like a mixture of urine, Miller beer and stale pretzels. Stinky brought these old fools to work so that he could
  • set them loose in his boss's office. There's no telling what kind of damage a group of drunk bowlers could do to a room with glass walls.
  • The glass walls were not damaged, however—The bowlers instead aimed for the glass ceiling and wound up giving each other massive concussions and terminal brain damage. I laughed so
  • softly I couldn't move a tissue. The laugh, like so many others, lapsed into pained sobbing. What good is a hickey if the person who gave it to you isn't picky? Each is unique,
  • like a starflake, a perfect expression of love. Like a suction mark from sucking a cup onto your face for too long, except delivered touchingly by another. Sobbing, I
  • wrapped my tentacle faced lips around my spouse's tentacle faced lips and gave one last goodbye leeching. Then we tapped a brain tendon against our eyes in a gesture of love. Gr
  • eat for it to end like this. True love in a hard shelled body is something that will sound in the trashcans and pizza boxes of the city tonight. I exited left, my wife, right....


  1. Zetawilk Aug 21 2012 @ 13:24

    I love it when a fold inadvertently bookends itself.

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