Siam's gonna be the witness to the ultimate

  • Siam's gonna be the witness to the ultimate test of cerebral fitness.
  • Most Extreme Elimination Challenge will
  • involve watching reruns of Soul Train overdubbed with the music and dialog from Hee-Haw. Each contestant is given a single cyanide capsule. In 27 years there has yet to be a single
  • contestant who passed two minutes of Junior Sample's hip-hop tirade about hos and bitches. These Japanese game shows didn't do well on American TV, but with the internet,
  • they reached a much larger audience and prospered. Flash mobs, for instance, would never have become as popular as they did without the world-shrinking phenomenon known as the web.
  • Just like hacks like Justin Bieber or that double-rainbow guy from UTube. I was famous once, my rendition of I Want To Break Free scored 3m views, my friend said it was "intense"
  • just like the time he contracted gastroenteritis from bad prawns. One commenter said it was the most disturbing thing they'd ever seen, except possibly for that website where
  • they just show a bunch of ugly people one after another. No, not Fugly.com, the other one. Ah, that's it, Facebook. Anyways, he had to go into hospital to have his stomach pumped.
  • It was a weekly ritual after visiting the Chili den. This time he ate 10 bowls of Firebrand chili to stay at the top of the high score list. While having his stomach pumped he met
  • -amorphed backwards. His insides had melted, leaving only a hollow cocoon of his former self. When he returned to an embryo, he was used to fertilize the next great American eater.


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