Sickly yellow clouds coated the dawn sky

  • Sickly yellow clouds coated the dawn sky and this combined with the sulfurous stench of the shallow pools made me want to retch. How could this be? All I did was push one little
  • nob. "Don't touch anything on the remote!" Dad had said. But I couldn't resist and now I'm just sitting here by this shallow pool waiting for
  • something bad to happen so do not touch it or else. Best not to touch it ,it is deadly
  • dangerous and poisonous too. Did I mention that yet? It^s heniously toxic. If you touch it you'll surely die an agonizing death in minutes. Do you want that? Don't even look at it
  • I understood his concern, but I also liked to give him a little poke once in a while. So naturally I put my finger in the nondescript "horrifically deadly" substance, and licked it
  • . "Mmm!" I smiled. "Tastes like chicken!" He stared at me, waiting for me to keel over, but of course I didn't. "Here! You try some!" I held the "poison" to his lips with my finger
  • cots tightly secured. He passed on the tainted meat though."Thanks. I already ate, and I have a latex allergy." Drat! I knew he'd tried to poison me, but did he know that I knew?
  • "What the axe forgets, the tree remembers!", he reminded me. I realised that was all too true. The axe was in the garage, unused. It would make a perfect murder weapon, she thought
  • , and put her doomed marriage to rest. "Why I wedded a tree-man is beyond me," she thought as she reached for the axe. "Welp, only one thing to do when the fire goes out!" She swun
  • -g, and he fell silently, for what seemed like forever. And that was the end of that branch of the family.


  1. bearshoes84 Sep 05 2016 @ 18:17

    That sure took a turn for the hearse!

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