"I am only sure of one thing, Mr. Black."

  • "I am only sure of one thing, Mr. Black." Said Dr. Red rubbing his chin. "And what is that?" Replied Black. The Doc then answered,"This Ship shall sink."
  • Now, Mr. Black knew that the words were code, but he couldn't remember what for. Dr. Red gave him a puzzled look. Then winked. Arched his eyebrows. "I said, Ship Shall Sink!" But
  • Mr. Black just stared back, blankly. Then it hit him! "OKOKOKOKOK...I got it now: Titanic Turns To Titicaca." He arched his eyebrows and winked back at Dr. Red, daring him
  • to beat that for the most stupidest title for their new novel. That's what sells these days, Mr Black said, adventure and sex...this title's got both. So now, let's just write the
  • sexy adventure story and get rich quick. Mr black seemed quite sure of this. I, was not so sure. "My interest's lie in other areas.." I tried to explain before he interrupted again
  • "Sex & money as such do not interest me. I crave for the crime itself, the thrill to destroy other people" I hissed. Mr. Black became uneasy: "I- I just want a fun little story.
  • What is wr- wrong with you?" I slipped Mr. Black a glare and pulled out the murder weapon: an AK-47. "TIME TO DIE!" I screeched, bullets ricocheting across the room.
  • Mr. Black jumped under his desk as I took out his coffee in a hail a bullets. "Wait! WAIT! Remember its daylight savings time!" I paused, maybe it wasn't time for him to die...
  • "Hey, what time zone is it?" I asked. "Dammit," I said and set about googling the time zone. A gunshot! Right through the PDA then heart. Mr Black held the smoking gun.
  • As the movie credits began rolling, my girlfriend grasped my hand and whispered, "This movie sucked. My place next?" I couldn't think of anything better.


  1. grok Apr 09 2015 @ 16:38

    It sucked? But it had both adventure and sex in the title...

  2. Perronicus Apr 10 2015 @ 07:01

    This story's not bad, it kinda stayed on track. I enjoyed reading it.

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