He finished licking her ankles and unbowed.

  • He finished licking her ankles and unbowed. "My dear", he grunted, "those are the sweetest calves that I have ever tasted!". "I'm sorry" she replied disdainfully, "have we met?"
  • um, this is awkward. "Arent you CalfMe2013@aol.com?" he squeaked out. "No, I'm ThumbSuxer@gmail.com" she sweetly replied. Damnit, he KNEW this meet up group was a bad idea,
  • but stuck around to see if CalfMe2013@aol.com would show up. ThumbSuxer@gmail.com said, "so what's your real name?" she seems nice enough, but he didn't want to get too involved
  • and the whole point was that he could be anyone he wanted online. So, quickly he typed Rex and returned with what's your name? In his mind Rex was beefy and strong and no one
  • would suspect that he was Don Knotts. A beep...a reply! It said: "Hello Rex! I'm Xerena." Naively believing that no one else online played the "fake identity" game, he replied:
  • Love shack baby!" Don Knotts had been dead for awhile and now that he had reanimated Rex's body he was going to party.
  • "Jager Shots for everyone!" he yelled. The stereo was blasting 80's music and zombie Don Knotts was gonna dance until his arms dropped off, literally!
  • It happened while Don danced to "The Safety Dance." His zombie girlfriend screamed. Zombie Knotts said, "What's the matter? Haven't you seen a man's arms fall off before?"
  • Danny Elfman sighed. It was a dead man's party, who could ask for more? Unfortunately, Undead Barney Fife took the message leave your arms at the door literally.
  • Slapstick ensued when he lectured everyone on their constitutional right to bear arms. Bob Denver, Alan Hale & the rest showed up for an unforgettable reunion of the sitcom undead.


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