"Thank you, kitty" he thought as he stepped

  • "Thank you, kitty" he thought as he stepped over the blackbird on the welcome mat. When he went out to the mailbox, he noticed dead birds all over the place, and no traffic sounds
  • . He looked up into the sky and that sun's aura was muted. A sudden thump, and another bird fell out of the sky. The dome covered a five block radius with his house at the center.
  • But his dome-covered life quickly turned... sour. The house next door organized a Taco Bell eating competition followed by a Smelliest Fart competition. "You fools!" he cried. But
  • they did not listen. They never listened, until it was far, far too late. The first sign came when the birds started dying. Now the birds were never very happy, being forced to
  • be a part of the Dole Enchanted Tiki Room. But now they were dead. All the animatronics at Disneyland were dying. I tried to tell the park manager something evil was afoot but
  • I couldn't get a word in edgewise until after sundown. Disney is creepy that late. Tinnitus screamed inside my head, sweat beading my forehead. My breath visible, I crept into the
  • "It's a Small World" ride, hoping that as a greater pain distracts from another, so too would the insipid robots drive out the Tinnitus. However, inside I found a deeper horror, a
  • room that was seemingly abondandoned was the source of a signal that was being sent by ex-princesses, three generations of Cinderellas, two Snow Whites and Bella. Tired, cold and
  • wrinkled the former beauties had been banished to the left tower room when they became to old for Disney's neotenic beauty ideal. Cinderalla I's transmitter was hidden in her tiara
  • Snow White II, a repeat escapee, was kept chained to the original Seven Dwarves - showbiz midgets, who had aged too much to even walk properly due to their horrendous mutations.


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