"One more hour, then I can get out of here."

  • "One more hour, then I can get out of here." He whispered as he checked his watch. Only one of the doors was closed. He could hear something in his office.
  • Peeking back into his office, he faced a large round corduroy-encased ass, sticking up in the air from under his desk. "Uh, excuse me," he said. "Who are you & what are you looking
  • for?" A face emerged from behind the enormous ass, like the end of a solar eclipse. It stared at me. "Is this your desk?" I nodded. "Well, it is not up to office specification
  • . However, it is my desk unofficially. If you try to take it from me, I will hire men to stop you." She was onto this stubby imp's plot, and he had to come up with a plan. So he
  • removed all of the office furniture during the night and replaced them all with floor cushions and coffee tables. Heh! He smiled at the discomfort all of the employees will
  • experience as they attempt to get comfortable on floor pillows, after years of office chairs. And if any of them complained, he would call them nonprogessive and send them packing.
  • But then the Packing Department got overmanned and productivity went down everywhere else in the office. So he backed off and allowed a limited amount of cubicles for those so incl
  • usive they would eat sushi off a horse's French military hat. Like Napoleon wore. You can find them in UFO catchers (claw machines) in Japan, among the COVID-19 plushies. They cost
  • 620 billion gay frogs for a for a UFO catcher.
  • That's all. I could go back to my family in peace. "Yes" I said. All I could think of was my wife. Unfortunately, I didn't notice a very gay frog climbing up my leg. It bit me.


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