Aquaman - King of Atlantis, Summoner of the

  • Aquaman - King of Atlantis, Summoner of the Seven Seas - rose from the depths with the broken and bloody corpse of Eric Merman in his arms. "Look me in the eye, Batman, and tell me
  • This isn't the single greatest thing you've ever seen! Why, it's like it was only yesterday that this odd man troubled my waters, and now it's only today that I
  • rippled his oil. Who knew we would mix so well, certainly not his Persian. Then again it was an unexpected greatness that singled this thing out and made it
  • so dramatic in abstract expressionism. Who knew that if he mixed the oils with his Persian cat, and then sent him across the canvas, he would
  • out-Pollock Pollock. The hangers-on and gallery owners would be after him now. Jets to Paris, interviews with The New Yorker. All because of these oils and the cat! But when he
  • tried to commit cultural suicide by painting a wide-eyed puppy in a window, the hangers-on only raved about its clever irony and the gallery owners jacked up his prices. His cat
  • Pyrrh was impressed enough to take no notice at all. They moved her & her red leather recliner as a single unit when they set up the barricades inside the art gallery. Art was war.
  • occurred due to Pyrrh's dealing with shady individuals. it's not Pyrrh's fault these individuals craved Pyrrh's recliner at that gallery, choose to start the legendary Art War, and
  • then Pyrrh had nowhere to park his hemorrhoids. He needed Dadaism. The Art War would soon face the War on Art, and Pyrrh would get his god-damned father-fucking recliner back.
  • Trouble was, Pyrrh really wanted a NEW recliner that held no father-fucking stigma and allowed him to park his hemorrhoids on. He found a great store to shop for one: La-Z-Rhoid.


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