The somoan jumped out of the plane. Face

  • The somoan jumped out of the plane. Face painted like Beetlejuice, and a snowboard attached to his feet. He did flips oblivious to the Blimp that was backing up into his
  • airspace. It was not a Good Year for Rangi Mapu, the samoan stunt devil. His snowboard tore through the fabric and crashed into the cockpit ceiling with his tatooed legs dangling.
  • Tragical death, that was. TV was all over it. Yet, for some reason, mister Mapu became the inspiration behind the now famous group of man called The Flying Rangus, whose sole
  • aim was to quote all of Lithuanian Hebrew novelist, Abraham Mapu's works while somersaulting in the roof of the Big Top. Trapeze artistes The Flying Rangus were well on their way
  • To the pavillion where they were performing for sold out audiences three nights in a row. That was a new record, according to Jam Productions. Mr. Lipezian, the leader of the group
  • couldn't be bothered to take care of the day to day business shit so he gave the duties to his 3rd bastard kid, Talisen Myddral Lipezian. Talisen didn't give a shit about keeping
  • Kosher, even for the holidays. Talisen bought his halvah from the goyim candy shop and attached plastic cloven hooves to his lox. "I have no son!" proclaimed his father, but this
  • was objectively not true. "Silly dad" he said "im your son"
  • He looked back at the lad. "I don't remember having a son." The younger man didn't seem surprised. "That's okay, you'll remember soon enough."
  • Seconds past. "Nothing's happening - Oh! Were you that little screaming thing with four limbs and a head and it grew larger over the years?" "That's me." "I remember that vaguely."


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    Oops, Seconds passed.

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