At what age is one expected to start buying

  • At what age is one expected to start buying Christmas presents? I hated it when I was growing up. When I was 14 I bought my cousin Cindy (she was hot!) a pair of
  • cheekies and a pushup bra. "Go on" her Mom said when Cindy opened them. "Don't be rude, try them on!" Cindy stuck her tongue out at me & went to change. I put a pillow over my lap
  • This was awkward. I wish Cindy's mom would stop treating her like a child, she was 37 for crying out loud! Cindy came back wearing the cheekies and bra, "OH MY GOD" I let out.
  • Blood was seeping through Cindy's bra. She'd been shot in the chest with a 22 calibre rifle. I could not see where the sniper was shooting from but knew my time at the humanitarian
  • resource center was up. I made note of the assassination and then clocked out. Oh, would you look at the time? It was Happy Hour down at Ed's Place. Stepping over Cindy's body, I
  • sensed an evil that happens only once in a cop's life. Cindy's body was twisted. Her feet had been ripped off. There was a huge chunk of flesh missing from the middle of her chest.
  • Call it intuition or something but Police Constable Plod suspected foul play. He gathered up the missing bits of Cindy's body & fed them to pet crocodile in the corner. He then rad
  • iated enlightened complacency. There was no evidence of a crime; just a bloated pet croc with a foot in its mouth. Polic Constable Plod patted his head with his billy club
  • that was covered in steel spikes, some of which pierced the pet croc's scaly skin. The croc darted forward, reached up, open his jaws, and took a nip at Constable Plod's protruding
  • posterior, plainly pliable as putty. Constable Prod bit the bullet to learn a teeth-grinding lesson that day, that when you go croc, you shut that lock. And he needed 147 stitches.


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