'Ah help' aliens are trying to steal my

  • 'Ah help' aliens are trying to steal my brain . I shouted in my sleep. "hey stark ,what are you shouting about?" asked my friend. Stark woke up from his bed. He was shocked
  • to see the sight before his eyes. Alien worms wiggled closer towards him. They were screaming for their mama. "Hey John, you might wanna wake up," Stark threw a pillow at me. I
  • opened my eyes, thankful it'd all just been a dream. But...Stark was turning into an alien worm before my eyes. It was real, then? "Where's my mama, John?" Stark screeched at me.
  • Stark's voice was barely audible from then as he fully transformed into the alien worm creature. I ran. "I never touched your mother!" I cried, "it was all Judy's fault!"
  • And then I woke up. I was in my therapist's office. She stared at me with blood cracked eyes. She went to her safe, pulled out a large bottle of glowing pills. She took one out
  • from the bottle and she came to me with a very scary look. She forces me to eat the pill
  • i guess she have motive for forcing me to eat the pill . so i decided to put on a act pretending i really eat the pill she gave me .
  • Instead, I ate a candy that looks exactly like the pill that I always bring along with me. She rushed me out the shop as she thought I ate the pill. When I was outside
  • I just couldn't hold back any more. The look on her face! SO funny! I burst into laughter & pointed to the camera crew across the street & shouted, "YOU'RE ON CANDID CAMERA!" She
  • was so pissed off at me. That was the end of our relationship & the start of a huge lawsuit. My God, she had no sense of humor whatsoever.


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