Zombies can be real jerks sometimes... Seriously,

  • Zombies can be real jerks sometimes... Seriously, there was this one time I was hanging with my bro Timmy. He was half-zombie and all, but I didn't hold that against him. He
  • had no control over what parts of the transplants came from necrotic flesh. When the zompocalypse came, the dead rose, then necrotic flesh, then transplant patients. Their organs
  • were used to lure unwary travelers, like the sirens of the Greek isles. Their glistening
  • knees were the product of having to constantly look under the couch for lost legos. For infinite the children would drop legos, and they would have to pick them up. When Zeus heard
  • Poseidon tell him that he would flood the entire city if he stepped on one more lego, he knew that was the last straw. He picked up his lightning bolt and
  • threw it into the ocean, the heat from it causing every drop of water to evaporate instantly. "Poseidon, look at me!" he shouted. He then proceeded to
  • stand astride the rock, raising his sword and shield. In his moment of power, he forgot completely about the eagle. It swooped down and ripped away his liver,
  • Sheesh, why'd he always fall for that! Everyday it was the same story, thought Perseus. Meanwhile the eagle delivered the fresh liver to "Chez Organ" where Chef Tirel was waiting
  • to simmer it slowly with some fava beans and serve it with a nice Chianti. Chef Tirel was famous for his liver recipes, including the over-adventurous liver'n'custard, and
  • seared liver with shallots, mushrooms and caramelized yam. Tirel was famous for more then his Cooking skills. He was equally skilled at


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