Once upon a time there was a cute little

  • Once upon a time there was a cute little girl called Lucy, and everyone thought she looked just like a fairy because of her delicate features and her friendly smile.
  • But Lucy had an evil streak. Although she offered advice, she charged for it. Sometimes when her friend came to kick a football, she'd whip it away at the last minute. Charlie
  • sat bhodi tree calm as the sun set and the world collapsed around him finally making sense. The ground trembled and stalks rose up flowers blooming and rotting in
  • the Eternal Vegetative Cycle. Butterflies flapped, birds tweeted and slugs slurped along the Rotten Road of Redemption towards the whirling flanges of fate. Nirvana was close in
  • the compost bin & there was nothing I enjoyed more than to bury my head in its fetid warmth. It was Nirvana for me. I wished I could crawl in completely & also earn my redemption.
  • Hardly had this thought drifted drowsily into my head when there were the most awful scraping and chomping sounds - sloppy slurping and gustatory gobbling - was that a worm near my
  • son's mouth? I had noticed a decrease in his appetite lately but I hadn't suspected it was the result of eating maggots. I gave him a high five to encourage his culinary curiousity
  • . Many years later, my son's palate for the inedible was a boon for his career as culinary artist. He founded the restaurant franchise "Bits and Boots."
  • His franchise quickly expanded into craze: the new South St diet. Everyone was boosting their iron, sucking on screw-encrusted leather. Healthy+ jaw exercise= bliss. Jr., a millio
  • from Manillio, was half armadillio with three-eights porcupillio and two-sixteenths Filliopino. That's him when he was young. And this was his cautionary tale. Keep safe.


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