“You have a reputation as the kind of guy

  • “You have a reputation as the kind of guy who’s not to be fucked with. Ice-cold under pressure”, Ben started, not getting to the point. “I didn’t come out here to be flattered”
  • "Nor do I enjoy having my ass kissed by a jackass like you!" I am here to do business, and we better get to it fast or I am out of here. Do you have the money, he asked. Yes I
  • Do but first we dance. And, More Cowbell!
  • We Amish are a party people. Seriously, we invented the
  • the hickory water bong and herbal ecstasy. When people think of the Amish, they don't think hard drugs but Jedidiah
  • was a sneaky Amish man. They would probably run for their lives if they knew what was hidden up his Amish sleeve. Which, is easily done. The Amish wear long sleeves nd
  • have short legs. It's a little known fact that most Mennonite churches are able to slip in a few extra rows of pews because of the reduced femur length in their communities.
  • The extra pews were often needed because the rumors were bringing in new disciples. The rumors about their reduced femur length leading to some freakishly long
  • penises had died quickly. No one really seemed to care. The rumors that really filled the pews with disciples, though, pertained to something much less pleasurable:
  • In the End of Days, those taken in the Rapture would take on genitals of both genders, but those left behind would have none, for this was the prophecy of the anti-Christ.


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