The rumor has it that if you collect alot

  • The rumor has it that if you collect alot of seashells, something good is bound to happen! I knew that this good thing was a nice L-2 Sword. After waking the Wind Fish I preceded
  • to slap him on the face with it. Everyone knows that Wind Fish hate being slapped against other peoples faces, especially when they're awake. Their eyes go all big and they start
  • disappearing the whole island they're dreaming of, which is a right pickle if you happened to be on the island of the Wind Fish's dream. After Koholint, Link was drifting for days,
  • Link passed the time by jerking off to his personal fantasy of filling up Princess Zelda's mouth with hot piss.
  • Link's small penis went flaccid and his piss covered vision of Zelda vanished as Donkey Kong burst into his room. "Oh, sorry 'bout that but I had to tell you we have an emergency!"
  • "There is a robot on the dance floor!" And with that, Donkey Kong leaned over and Zelda started winding him up. Then BAM the DJ dropped "Freakazoid"
  • Donkey Kong donged the gong too long until everyone referred to him as the Dance Ass. Zelda didn't care and swung her chiffon gown over his face. Dance Ass's socks fell off
  • and Ms PacMan was definitely putting on a show! QBert was looking a little uncomfortable with the shenanigans going on, so he and Inky decided to go to TacoBell for a quick bite.
  • However, upon entering Taco Bell, Qbert was accosted by three stoners who were sure he was a fuzzy hackysack with legs. Beaten, bruised, and hungry, Qbert and Inky headed to
  • the counter to get themselves some delicious taco bell tacos, the only brand of tacos sure to lift their spirits and heal their numerous life threatening injuries.


  1. Zetawilk Nov 05 2012 @ 20:42

    Link's Awakening is still my favorite of the series.

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