"I have told you a million times!" she screamed.

  • "I have told you a million times!" she screamed.

  • "A million and one." he corrected. The dishes in the sink formed sedimentary layers of flatware, china, and coagulated grease. Her scream shattered the stemware. His ears popped.

  • Her earworm finally came out, it was humming "Cheer up sleepy Jean...oh what can it mean?"

  • and holding a Monkees record in it's teeth. This wieghed the Earworm down somewhat and it fell from her ear to the floor with quite a loud bang that startled

  • the resident roach population. Creepy crawlers crept from their crevices to startle the guestd. Screams echoed through the halls of the ancient hotel. The manager stepped on a worm

  • with his bare feet. "That's it!" the manager said. "This is the end of your revolution. We're calling the exterminators!" The bugs began to panic. White vans were rolling in.

  • But the manager misread the bugs' agitation as panic--a mistake that would cost nearly everything. With an unearthly buzzing, the insects began to assemble into a writhing giant

  • The manager stumbled back as the insect giant formed. The buzzing was almost unbearable, and he covered his ears in a sorry attempt to block out the deafening noise.

  • The manager quickly realized that it wasn't his hands blocking his aural canals, but two of the giant insect's legs. His arms were quickly disappearing down the the insect's thorax

  • . His last thought was that indeed an out-of-control financial sector is eating out the modern market economy from inside – just as the larva of the spider wasp… And he was gone!



  1. SlimWhitman May 23 2015 @ 08:05

    Wow, impressive story. High flies all around.

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