The park was as quiet as a grave,i was walking

  • The park was as quiet as a grave,i was walking after my tuition class, suddenly, my friend from nowhere he stood in front of me.I was panic-stricken.Later he told" don't go this ..
  • then made a sign like he was turning left. But he wasn't in a car, he was in a hollowed-out alligator. Then he grinned and said, 'cuckoo.' His teeth were Pez." My mom's dreams were
  • beginning to intrude in mine again. It was especially bad when it was one of her sex dreams, like tonight. I know I had not been wearing this diaper when her dream intruded on mine
  • , and it dawned on me that this wasn't her sex dream a tall. I was in the dream world of David Lynch, who, if the stories were true, couldn't get it up without a bicycle horn and a
  • pie of shit somewhere in the room. I had read it at a credible source, Wrap-Up.biz It was highly rated by the Best Business Bureau of Mombasa. Being in David Lynch's dream had me
  • questioning my role in David Lynch's dream. I looked around and I couldn't tell which of us might be the main protagonist driving the story. How did David Lynch know who I was?
  • Does it matter? Maybe David Lynch was using me in his dream to represent the loneliness in the mind of every person. Either way, I had better the hell get paid. The catered lunch
  • consisted of stale pretzels with something resembling cheese. The drink options kept changing but it was ginger ale. How did David Lynch know that much about me for him to dream me
  • with such vivid accuracy? I've seen enough Twin Peaks to know he's a creative director, but ...wait, hold on a second. Am I a fictional character? Do I only exist in the mind of
  • some guy who wrote a stupid script?! That does it! I'm not doing it anymore! I'm gonna be myself and do what I want whenever I want! ...if that's okay with everyone else...


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