Storm clouds drifted across his bedroom floor.

  • Storm clouds drifted across his bedroom floor. It'd be an awful night & he could hear harps foretelling. The violins stabbed at the air. Whatever nightmare awoke him wasn't over.
  • It shook him when the rock came crashing through the window. Shards of glass were everywhere. He had run and run, and now, it was no use. They had found him out and
  • the whole town would know that he'd been lying about not having gone to McDonald's in years. All because of the damn McGriddle. He'd won the campaign on Health Reform and now
  • his deceit was beginning to show in so many rolls of fat spreading over his body. He knew he should stop, but those McGriddles enticed him with their siren call. Let them call him
  • for a few more extra calories couldn't hurt, could it? "Super Size Me!" He shouted as he sank his teeth into the juicy bacon and eggs of the greasy McGriddle.
  • He sat there chewing, until he noticed movement, looked over and a huge cockroach was staring back at him from the super-size french fries container, its feelers wiggling and
  • it spoke. "If you release me I will grant you one wish." He looked at the bug. "FREE PRIZE!" and popped it into his mouth. Jiminy Cricket was no more. He sat back satisfied.
  • Considering the situation now, it's foolish to do nothing at all. "Release it or not?" He pondered for a while. "Maybe I should visit Kugimiya, the famous voice actor, also my neig
  • hbor." Having sprinted to the home of his royal advisor, he then banged on the door violently. "Kugi! Answer! Can I let go of my junk yet, or keep holding it?!" Kugimiya replied, "
  • O, my emperor! Does our stuff hold us or do we hold it?" The emperor sighed and said to himself. "I should never have hired that damned Zen monk." He was stuffed.


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