Harry spoke slowly, drawing out his vowels

  • Harry spoke slowly, drawing out his vowels in long strokes of increasing loudness. Carol didn't really know why he spoke to her like this. She wasn't deaf or retarded. Maybe he

  • was an idiot. Maybe he'd had a stroke. But she never heard Harry talk in that odd drawn-out manner to anyone else. Carol decided to bug him to record his other conversations. She

  • was nosey that way. Perhaps it had to do with her career with control but Carol was forever recording, photographing, or indexing the actions of

  • herself because she thought she was totally the cat's pajamas. Why else would they have made a Television show about her, called the Carol...Burnett show? Self-Evident.

  • But somehow things were odd. Carol Burnett came to realize she had never left the Twilight Zone episode based on "It's a Wonderful Life". Her reality was an existentialist dilemma!

  • She spat daily at the hipsters and blasted plastic boxes out the window.

  • Her actions were noticed by the local police force, and they hailed her as a hero. The hipsters wanted revenge, and joined forces with the plastic boxes to end her reign of tyranny

  • But she knew just how to stay away from the hipsters so she avoided them for so long. But eventually they caught up to her and they were up to no good. She stressed and stressed.

  • But the hipsters roamed the streets, following her from an arm's length, ferociously swinging their hips as hipsters do.

  • Eventually they got old and threw out their hips. After that they were the Artificial Hipsters. It was all so ironic that they imploded, their man-buns twirling into the ether.



  1. Woab Aug 30 2016 @ 14:51

    Likey McLikeLike, that's me.

  2. SlimWhitman Dec 10 2016 @ 09:02

    Me McLikey!

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