She put the last file in the folder. She

  • She put the last file in the folder. She stared at his corpulent hand. It rested on the desk like a bloated drunk. She swung the stapler down on his hand, repeatedly until
  • he finally asked her to please stop it. He wasn't very assertive, and he had a long fuse, so to speak, before he ever got angry. But the twentieth staple through the hand was too
  • much as he found it hard to read lips through the pain of the staples in his hand. With his free hand he tried to summon the other gods. Punky the God shrugged
  • helplessly. He was no help to the stapled summoner, who frantically tried summoning anyone, anything, until he did manage to summon Pegasus. Not a god, but still mythological. But
  • just as he arrived, Pegasus got a call on his mobile from his Mum, the gorgon Medusa. She was upset as someone had told her she was ugly down the supermarket. The summoner
  • , that's who! Pegasus then summoned the summoner for mediation with Medusa."Before attempting to resolve your differences,"said Pegasus,"We must establish rules for this discussion
  • but first let me say that Mediation with Medusa is brought to you by Ford.I'm your host,Pegasus.the rules are that there are none,And now l'll introduce our summoned summoner,Simon
  • and Puumba. Yes, we have even invited these hethens as to not dissapoint King Simba. Now, before we introduce the host of this chilling program we would like to
  • dedicate this chilling tale to Cecil may his furry black hackles stand among us when we're up against impossible odds.The animals of the savanah trumpeted screeched & howled ascent
  • picked up by noses the size of a baby's head. The acrid perfume of rotting cadavers rolled of their predatory tongues, the ascent of life and descent of death, a beautiful smell.


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