It was ironic that the failed satellite that

  • It was ironic that the failed satellite that re-entered the atmosphere and struck Hilary dead one morning as she struggled with her writer's block was named "inspiration" by NASA.
  • Standing in the pouring rain at Hilary's funeral, you begin to think...Man, NASA has got to come up with more funny titles for spacecraft. They aught to have a whole department of
  • FS writers to brainstorm on the subject, said Hil's cousin Hank frankly. As a proud sci-fi & fantasy memorabilia collector, he could've given NASA a whole slew of spacecraft names.
  • But when the FS writers collective met they came up with Nelly. They got NASA on the line. "It's Nelly or nothing. The rocket will be called Nelly. It's a red line for us. NO COMPR
  • ENDE answered NASAs spanish automated reply service. The rocket was named 'Ghostwriter' and each writer in the FS collective had a berth. Jherek Manatee Station was equipped with
  • revival chambers, disintegration lounges and gourmet replicators from far sectors. Unfortunately the FSS Ghostwriter docked at Jherek Manatee Station just as the autochef rebellion
  • went underground, unaware of interstellar aid. Jherek Manatee, a rebel spy, gave the FSS Ghostwriter a parking ticket to seem pro-gov't. He summoned autochef rebels to Marte Vallis
  • in order that they might feed the contingent of footsloggers with buckets of shallots. Unfortunately, shallots blinded most of the footsloggers, so their rebellion kind of failed.
  • Really, what could one expect, after all? The footsloggers, now weary of this seemingly never-ending quest to complete the task, lifted their bloodshot eyes to the heavens, crying
  • "Deliver us from this slog and grind!" There was a rumbling from the heavens, and the footsloggers gasped as the clouds parted. It started raining... jellybeans! They all rejoiced!


  1. SlimWhitman Sep 16 2013 @ 19:36

    The original Jherek. http://foldingstory.com/df8xc/

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