This is the beginning...

  • This is the beginning...
  • of the Gospel According to Crazydance. Unlike most gospels, this publication begins with an abstract, as it is a peer-reviewed research gospel that will appear in a gospel journal.
  • The Chief Editor looked through the manuscript. "And Moses brought Folding Tablets down from Mt. Snideline & read them to the chosen writers. 'Though shalt not kill a good story.
  • Bang! Bang! You are dead!
  • Let's look at the logic, shall we? If I was deceased, how could I respond to your imperative? Therefore your statement "Bang! Bang! You are dead!" is a fals- BOOOM!!! ... (touché.)
  • Then everyone on Earth died. How they died was almost as much of a mystery as how life went on as normal for about five years afterwards.
  • Thank goodness that all finally subsided, thought Dorita Ombrette as she sifted through the ashes of Earth. Such noisy beings, such mental clutter. "Not so fast," said an unexpecte
  • d voice. Dorito Omlette, her brother was standing behind her. "What're you doing on Earth?" asked Dorito. "Just looking for some food" said Dorita Ombrette as she sifted the ashes.
  • She put the ashes inside an empty Doritos bag and stomped on them. This way, they would stay put and not infect everyone with their chemical residues. Paracelsus noticed how his
  • inner jazz musician caught the rhythm with each stomp. He forgot all about the germs and drifted off to Preservation Hall to join up with da boyz.


  1. SlimWhitman May 01 2016 @ 09:08

    Funny, it sounds more like the story is about "The Ending"

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