D0nt U H@t3 wh3N ppl Tw@lK l!k3 Th!S haha

  • D0nt U H@t3 wh3N ppl Tw@lK l!k3 Th!S haha
  • not 4t 4ll um4d?
  • The alien was from the planet "quart." They communicated in 4's. The alien appeared at a playground, where some girls were playing foursquare. The alien's eyes lit up
  • Quatro & his buddies Empat, Lau, and Neljä asked "Can", "We", "Play", "Game?". Their habit of taking turns on a sentence disturbed the girls almost as much as their four eyes.
  • So the girls suggested to four-eyeds Quatro, Empat, Lau & Neljä the game show "Chain Reaction" hosted by that villain from Smallville. They gawked at their symbiotic speech pattern
  • which was filled with clicks and gurgles. The Quatroempatlaunelja joined their eyes together and psychicly requested to the girls for them to turn the TV on. So they did. Garfi
  • , Narfi and Barfi with their fused eyes, snuggled up to watch The Biggest Loser together. This angered the Quatroempatlaunelja who was sensitive about his 25 guts. Garfi said
  • "It's OK. Chubby is sexy. Will you snuggle with me?" as Garfi wiggled between Quatroempatlaudnelja's 13th & 14th guts. Narfi & Barfi cheered into the TV as The Biggest Loser steppe
  • d on the scale and broke it. he girls watched which joy as the loser yelled "I am who I am, I'm fat and proud" no man can change me!" Then slept till morning.
  • The moral of the story: know English better than the guy who wrote the above sentence, and you will be fine.


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