The Oakridge Boyz II Men is

  • The Oakridge Boyz II Men is
  • full of self-loathing. The group has yet to finish a full-scale tour without having a meltdown. The Oakridge Boyz II Men couldn't even
  • get a gig outside of the weapons labs. Finally the Oakridge Boyz II Men had their big break when they got to cover for the Plutonium Punks at the unveiling of a tactical nuclear
  • mispronunciation education headquarters. This is the place where they taught people not to say "NUKE -yuh-lerr." They also offered online courses in "excape" and "irregardless."
  • "HIPPo-POTo-MONstro-SESqui-pedALio-PHObia" was the next word on the list. But many people in the class were scared of that word, so they moved on quickly. "Mispronouncing words is
  • a venial sin, but none the less should be avoided.” The class looked up at the teacher wondering what right someone with her peculiar accent had judging pronunciation. Jenny tapped
  • her pencil three times against the wooden desk. The teacher walked down the aisle to Jenny's desk and smacked the pencil out her hand. In her most peculiar accent she scolded Jenny
  • for distracting the rest of the class. She then lectured Jenny about how the number three was overrated, and how Jenny should have tapped her pencil five or seven times against the
  • hamburger on her plate. That's the only way to cure Jenny's rare disease of tresothermia. But only a hamburger will work because
  • of Jenny's other rare disease that renders her unable to digest anything but beef. Jenny went on to contract several other rare diseases and became a regionally famous sideshow act


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