Has anyone ever done a zombie western? That

  • Has anyone ever done a zombie western? That would be a crossover to make my skin crawl. Let's dig up the Duke and Charles Bronson & Gary Cooper & have Clint direct. Tombstone II

  • is a title that is already taken by the frozen pizza syndicate. But, we could do Unforgiven II. This is a zombie western. Dig up John Wayne's remains and also dust off that damn

  • Lee Van Cleef -- he had awesome cheekbones, probably even more noticeable now. We need a premise for this zombie western, something that would rouse these dead gunslingers

  • And awaken the exquisite corpses.

  • Dressed to the nines and ready to make the scene, the corpses awaited their call with bated breath and rotting flesh. And finally the ring came. And another. And one further. "Yes?

  • "The dirt upturned was bloody murder", a voice on the on the other end said & hung up. Mama says that Granpa's eyebrows gave them the news first. He hung up the phone & said "War"

  • Grandpa suited up in his old military fatigues and stretched his eyebrow muscles. They'd need to be in top form to deliver code to the Mexican army against the mole people.

  • Grandpa delivered the code to the Mexican Army by wiggling his eyebrows. The mole people had sharp hearing, but poor vision, and had no idea that Grandpa had divulged their whereab

  • outs to Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón...to the mole people...Santa Anna. Unfortunately, Grandma started shouting at Grandpa about the toilet

  • being left up again. 'what happened to treat others as you would have them treat you' he muttered to himself ' that's why i leave it up, in hopes that she would do the same for me



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